Mobile Minutes: Family Time

I spent the evening with MC and Jim tonight, at their house. It’s be scheduled [sad, but true] for about the past week. Living only fourteen miles away from them makes it that much worse. Shame on me for not doing more, you know?

Tonight was just a hard night. I wanted to talk about soccer, the Kansas City Shock, and everything else that’s gone on in the past two weeks, but the truth is: I hadn’t sat down with my parents over a meal in over a month. Again, we only live fourteen miles apart. I tell that crew with the Shock that family always takes priorities. With so many parents in our staff, it’s important to know and accept that family is always a priority. That is a page I took from my divorce; I solemn reminder.

The error that I made in that judgement call wasn’t the realization that family is important, but realizing that my family is important. I’m not married, I do not have children, and most of my family I don’t even communicate with. However, I am my parents only kid; period. I knew very little about their lives in direct relation to church as of late, I wasn’t aware of some employment discussions going on, I had no idea…I didn’t communicate. I didn’t know that help was requested for resume reviewing, I wasn’t around. Regardless of what MC thinks; I’m not that busy, my job isn’t that grand, and I’m not always on the go.

As I try to fall asleep tonight, this is my rule: If I tell someone that family is important, I better be able to back that thought up with my interactions with my own. My family deserves better.


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