Mobile Minutes: Night Terror

I’ve been sitting in bed for nearly the past ten minutes. Water glass in hand.

A night terror. A bit different from a nightmare. Shot me up, out of bed, in a panic.

I’ve always struggled with loud noises, especially ones that gradually get louder. I was in an airport in this dream. Security grabbed me because the alarm went off. A real life fear of mine. Took me forever to get cleared. Was going to miss my flight, my ex wife was there. Crying about me leaving. As I went back to pack up my stuff I saw I was going to miss my flight, something I had never done before.

That’s when I heard the door knock (throwing me into a fear because of my history with authorities banging on my door to give me divorce papers), and as I opened the door. There stood a man who I had never met. In the doorway next to mine (hotel setup) was another man conversing to the first, stating that he was me. He was going to kill me, and take my flight.

From my screaming, their conversation, the sudden knocking at the door, the noise of the airport; the volume was so loud that it woke me up, gasping for breath, and nearly out of bed.

I haven’t had this kind of issue for months.

I’d hope writing this out would assist in helping me fall back asleep.


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