Mobile Minutes: Stupid Desert

I wish this was a rant about the journey out into the desert in Nevada a few weeks ago, but sadly this is not the case.

It would be very neat if my life was reflective of a really cool Biblical story; David, Joshua, Elijah, John, Paul, etc…

Instead, I find myself stuck with the Hebrews.

Owning the Kansas City Shock has definitely had its ups and downs…and some of them very extreme, but the ship continues to sail [somehow].

Repeatedly I’ve outlined the unique process of this program; dating back to my college days, and how everything comes full circle.

Today, we got our home field, and it is very, very nice [no football lines]!

We have players coming, and one specifically that is really going to shake up some media outlets as well.

There are so, so many things go right.

I have manna, I have quail, I have water, I have life…so…what else is there for me to want?

Egypt. Bondage. Slavery.

It makes absolutely no sense. It didn’t with the Hebrews and it doesn’t now.

I can stand and look at the path that is the Kansas City Shock; be left with no excuse on how crazy awesome the ride has been, and you know what I’m going to do when I lay down to sleep?

Stress out about the unknowns.

Talk about feeling dumb. There are so many things in the past year that probably shouldn’t have gone right realistically, and yet they have. However, instead of looking at those events in awe; I’m going to doubt, stress, and panic.

No wonder God needs a sense of humor; He has to watch this excuse of ‘logic’ all day. I frequently suggest that I want the Kansas City Shock to be so dynamic that people won’t have a choice but to say, “Wow! There’s no way some random person could pull that off. Someone bigger was in charge.”

And for as much as I say that I think I may need to be the one that needs that event the most.


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