Mobile Minutes: Unknown

It doesn’t feel like Tuesday…
My mind is filled with so much stuff right now, and it really is just stuff.
Soccer is stressful and political, each I relate to well. Realistically though, it is still a game. A form of entertainment. It is an opportunity for unique people to show off their unique talents. Something that “separates” them from the rest. It’s behind the scenes that’s rough. It’s the budgets, staying honest, losing sleep, having faith that very few ever see.
It’s being filled with pride, and accepting that the spotlight isn’t on you. It’s embracing humility, and expecting humbling. Never knowing what tomorrow holds.
It’s waking up, going to meetings, trying to understand what the “next step” is.
It is painfully understanding that so many don’t understand the concept of faith, accepting it, and still trying to persuade them to give it a chance.
As I said, I’m drifting to sleep tonight with a ton of stuff in my head, trying to push life to a new level.
Where I’ll never be viewed, and glory will only go to Him.


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