Mobile Minutes: I-35, Sunrises, and Pancakes

Today, I’d like to try to avoid the ‘soccer topic’ and focus on something that is far more important to me [plus, it is Valentine’s Day].

Does anyone else take a step back and reflect on what they were doing this time a year ago? Two years ago? Three?

Personally, for the sake of ‘warm fuzzies’ I think back to what was nearly one year ago to the day.

After being recently divorced and extremely bitter, I found someone of equal bitterness [for different reasons] in the city that I had relocated to. She made coffee for a living, and was struggling in her early college years. I quite literally tormented her during her breaks at Starbucks because realistically she was one of the closest things I could call a friend at the time [and most of the time her face was deep in a cell phone sending texts to someone about something].

As time progressed, I started to realize that I had literally no one to hang out with. My friends were married, dating, had grown up, or were just too busy. My parents were…well…my parents, and I was still trying to figure out the vital importance and position of finding my way to MoVal for church. In many ways, I really, really needed some sort of companionship…friendship…anything…

This month, last year, I had a unique opportunity to go to Dallas, Texas for the first time in my life. Why? Yes, a soccer game. I wanted to go, I could go, I had the ability to, but I had no one to go with. Driving to Dallas from Kansas City and back again alone is not ideal. That’s why I went to random, coffee loving barista and asked her the most random thought I had, had for years:

Want to go watch a soccer game in Dallas this weekend with me?

Incredibly [and kind of creepy] she accepted the invitation and partook in a random journey that took us across the state of Kansas, to an amazing sunrise in the barren land that is Oklahoma, and into Texas…where we fell asleep at a rest station on I-35 after driving non-stop. We discovered Whataburger and the beginning of the Frisco Line. We avoided tolls, and crashed in the hotel for a few hours. Even though it was Texas, we froze at the game with a nice, balmy 27 degrees outside. We [I] also discovered that Dunkin Donuts espresso based drinks are an insult to society.

In my ways; it was one of the best weekends of my life.

What came of that, has made the story that much better.

“Officially” her and I have been dating for eight months now, that started via a DM on Twitter while I was in Guatemala last June.

“Unofficially” [also known as the MoVal Small Group Survey] we’ve been together for right around a year.

We struggle, we argue, we laugh, and we pray. She’s the first person I can say that I cried when I saw her get baptized at MoVal, and watched a psychotic girl become a balanced young woman [somewhat]. She’s tolerated me in Las Vegas, and I’ve dragged her through several 5K races.

Judging by the shallow acclamations that I’ve suffered through the years, we truly are a unique pair. However, she gets hugs from me and I get coffee from her, heaven couldn’t pair us any better.


Realistically she knows my demons, doubts, and quietest fears, and you know what? She still accepts me, embraces me, and loves me. That’s something I’ve learned that you never let go of [plus, the Duck Dynasty crew would approve because she’s an amazing cook].

Neither of us are from the upper class, in fact neither of us are from ‘traditional’ families. Some day’s we look at each other and realize we’re the king and queen of the toys on misfit island.

I don’t think we’d want it any other way.





She’s one of a kind.
Unique in my eye.
I wouldn’t want anyone else in my life.
We both quietly count down the days until she’s my wife.














5 responses to “Mobile Minutes: I-35, Sunrises, and Pancakes

    • Ha! Last bit is plans in the future; it’d be too cheesy for my liking to do something like that too predictably. We just both know that we date with the intent of marriage, not just dating to date.

  1. That makes sense and is sensible. Too much time gets wasted on dating with no future plan (more like passing time than investing in another person and they you). Off-topic, but do you have your schedule set yet? Interested in playing you when the squad comes out here.

  2. Shoot an e-mail to Ed [] if you’d like to schedule something with us. It’ll be hard because there are no longer any Milwaukee teams in the league. However, we will play Madison.

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