Mobile Minutes: Unwanted

I slept in today…

Mistake number one.

I sleep with my phones on silent.

Mistake number two?

I woke up around 9:32 AM to an array of text messages and missed phone calls.

I thought that was why I placed my phones on silent to begin with.

That’s when I started to read messages from Dur, explaining to me that my girlfriend had called the ambulance and her [my girlfriend] mother had been taken to the hospital. Immediate thought: stroke.

So, this resulted in me flying out of bed, calling my boss, canceling my meetings, and realizing that I’d be working on Sunday. Why? I wasn’t working today, I needed to get to the hospital.

For the next ten hours I spent more time in the hospital then I had in nearly six years. The whole time keeping close eye on my girlfriend.

I love protecting.

Seriously, it’s one of my favorite past times [and full time]. I absolutely love keeping track of her. Most days we run around, going nuts, and shaking the whole world apart, but today…she needed me to actually be a man. Aside from the moments that she was in the room with her mother [who is currently in ICU], I was by her side, never missing a step. More hugs then I can count, and always keeping my hand on her.

I couldn’t let her out of my sight. Suddenly, in one swift move, it felt as if I could trust no one we were coming in contact with. It was an incredible feeling, over protective, helicopter mode that I’m not known for.

But it was perfect for the moment.

I didn’t do anything amazing, save the day, or anything of those likes. I just know I did the right thing today by never stepping away from her.

As for her mother; she was getting a bit better by the time we left. Remember, with my girlfriend it is her and her mom. No husband, my girlfriend is the only child, and that’s all. She’s had too much CO2 built up in her body and isn’t getting enough oxygen in, and some irregular blood pressure with some kidney issues as well. That’s all I know. Tomorrow, we both have to work in the morning, but by the time I return home it’ll be round two of being a hawk over her.


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