I am so, so insanely humbled at this moment. God is so good, and I am so small.

It’s Monday; that’s enough to dread. Waking up after spending a few hours washing dishes and preparing onions for a store last night, and it just adds to it.

Now cue the rain.

Yeah, it’s that kind of Monday.

Quickly this notion was dashed as I grabbed my tablet and found an e-mail from Amy Jo Martin; returning my message [I’m bad about bother people that amaze me] stating that she’s working on making time to meet while she’s in Kansas City.

That’s enough to make my day golden.

A few hours later [and a forgotten veggie flatbread at Dunkin Donuts] I was informed by the amazing crew with the Kansas City Shock that our tryout field was ready and found at a good price [our original field is under construction, so we had to go field shopping]. That’s a very big deal in my book as our tryouts [part II] will be in a few weeks!

At this point I had found myself in my third store for the day, and my phone rang.

816 number…that means it wasn’t spam. I’ll go for it.

It was the staff at 1 Million Cups; a presentation organization that I frequent every Wednesday morning in Kansas City; listening to the latest entrepreneurs pitch their newest idea in Kansas City. My ship finally came in today and I’ve been asked to present the Kansas City Shock to the audience of 1 Million Cups on April 3rd, 2013 at 9:00 AM.

I’m still shaking.

Six minute presentation followed by twenty minutes of Q&A from the audience. I cannot express to you in words how big this is for me. Not only getting the Kansas City Shock name out, but this is the first time in my life that I’ll be ‘professionally’ presenting to an audience. In other words: all those years of speech/debate are going to be utilized.

Good grief…God is so, so good. I’m amazed. Just amazed.

Two years ago: faltering marriage on the rocks, way over weight.
1 year ago: kick starting this new project with women’s soccer after getting my life rebranded and restarted
Now: blown away.

Get your praise on.



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