Mobile Minutes: Boston

Clam. Chawda.

’nuff said…

I’m pleased to say that I’m heading out to Boston, Massachusetts in April for four days. Why? Business. Boston. Soccer. Boston. Travel. Boston.

I’m going for soccer related business in Boston.

Realistically and truthfully, through its short existence the Kansas City Shock has established a wonderful friendship with some of the people involved with the Boston Breakers; a women’s soccer team in the National Women’s Soccer League [the other…other women’s league]. The Breakers have been around for some time, and have an amazingly successful head coach and a crazy successful business. It’s admirable.

A while back, as we were taking shape, the offer was made to check out the home venue and catch a game with the Breakers. Similar concept to why I went out to Washington last year, but a completely different program.

I’m thrilled. Excited. Again, very humble. An individual in the Kansas City community who truly believes in the commitment and future of the Kansas City Shock actually gave me their frequent flier miles for this Boston trip [they’re very involved in the business world, with lots of miles]; knocking out the plane fee. Furthermore, I know the individual is a steadfast Christian, and after meeting them know that they are pretty fantastic. So, it’s an exciting adventure in that I’ll be partaking in, in April, but even more exciting is being able to see and know people that believe in your passion, dream, and goal.

…though I do love lobster…


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