Mobile Minutes: Towed

Yep…it’s been a Tuesday.

Woke up in the hotel…internet was dead.

Town I was in…cell phone Sprint service doesn’t exist.

After my shower…forgot my deodorant at home.

Checked out of the hotel, grabbed some coffee, and started up the road for one of the busier, quieter days of work in the month. Having to drive near three hundred miles, covering three stores in three remote locations isn’t necessarily ideal in my book.

Turns out my car had the same idea because eight miles away from store one it started to grind.

No, literally. Didn’t matter what gear I was in the car just keeping grinding as the tires were moving. I slowly crept into my first Subway, contemplating the different ideas for what was going on [I know so, so little about cars]. The manager of the store called the guy who does her work [town of a few thousand here] and he came out.

Oil filter was leaking.
Brakes were questionable?
The guards on the fenders were rubbing on the tires.
The motor mount was loose.

All of this was disturbing as I watched my day fade into chaos. I agreed to take the car to the shop after I had finished the first store.

I parked the car, sat inside talking to some people who were from Idaho and had moved into the area to start a daycare, and then I was asked to come up to the desk.

Oil filter could be fixed. The guards just needed new pins. Nothing big along those lines. I could well be on my way was my thought. If it was the motor mount that could be an issue, but even the people back home could fix that.

Sorry, but your transmission isn’t going to make it back home.

Talk about a way to kill the day. Forty miles later I’m sitting in one of my other store waiting to be picked up. A new transmission would run $3,600. Something I would hope my company wouldn’t consider. Rental car is ready back home, and a blizzard is a few days out.


No more Nissan…it’s a goner…

Welcome to Tuesday.

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