Mobile Minutes: Wine Shop

I thought up a unique concept for a business in the city that I live in. The reality is that this city; which is INSANELY OLD has so much potential in the development side, but just needs…something; you know?

Either way; I’ve thought up a new business [that I’m not going to do, but someone is free to work on].

A wine shop.

In Missouri?

Most definitely in Missouri.

As it turns out; Missouri is huge on the wine industry [I hate the stuff personally]. Even within my lifetime I’ve seen over twenty new wineries/vineyards open up just in my region of the state. That’s some serious grape action.

My thought:

Devise a unique building; placed in a downtown area. It strictly sells wine, not out of the box. In fact; it’s such as a specialty store that it isn’t just selling wine, it’s selling just wine that is made in Missouri. The store is broken into regions such as Ozark Highlands, Herrman, Augusta, Western, etc…

It doesn’t require a massive amount of square footage, but it requires the right demographics of customers. In the city I currently live in; that’d be a challenge. Though, it would go over well in an area such as the City Market in Kansas City, or even perhaps the Crossroads District.

I dream of something like that, a unique shop, forming within a revitalized downtown area of historic uniqueness and culture.

Anyways; that’s my two cents on a new business concept. This is what I do in my free time; construct new ideas within my mind.


2 responses to “Mobile Minutes: Wine Shop

  1. My daughter and her husband have 2 winery’s here in Mo. Fahrmeier Family Vineyard just off of 24 hwy between Lexington and Wellington. They have a new one getting ready to open In Higginsville, 1.5 miles off of 13 and I-70 Arcaiden Moon. And my daughter is from Gower, and her husband from Lexington. Way to go Mary and Brandon . So Shawn you will have to go see them, they are really neat from your old neighbor Kathy

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