I think this is long overdue, but tonight finally sealed the notion in my head. Regularly we take for granted what we have without realizing how absolutely incredible it may be. Personally, if you haven’t gathered lately, I’ve been a rolling ball of stress who gets sick, doesn’t have answers, and struggles with the day-to-day.

This is not the image that should be displayed.

Enter my girlfriend. Not only has she taken care of me for the past several days of being under the weather [the third time since we’ve been together mind you], but she’s been pushing me [beyond the concept of a juicing concept]. She’s recently been assisting me on the budgeting aspect of my life. In the past, as noted; I’m not the best at finances and it has been a constant flaw in my makeup. My girlfriend has taken hold of that and has decided to push me in the right direction. Today we sat down and looked at a new macro budgeting guide built on an Excel platform. While it is daunting, annoying, and relatively close to everything I hate; I’m grateful.


Because the effort being put into me. She is investing in me. She knows my struggles, and loves me regardless. She isn’t trying to change me; she’s merely helping me grow in an area that I’m weak at, and she’s strong at.

This is something new for me.

For that I am blessed.


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