Well…at least it wasn’t snow…

Today was the first session of the second round of tryouts for the Kansas City Shock. Realistically, I’ve never felt so blessed.

Aside from the excited players that came out today [in the masses] the real gem of the day was watching the crew with the Shock. One of my favorite points is being able to sit back and watch the ‘machine’ in work, and today it was incredible.

I can’t even express to you the amount of people that spoke to me about the staff and how smooth the day was running. This was not of my doing; that’s a very important key point to make.

I have been blessed with an incredible group of people who are passionate about the game, our program, and Kansas City. Everything was set in place, balls were ready, papers were organized for the players, waivers signed, photos taken, and hands shaken; it was quite the site.

Tomorrow is day two of the second session, and I can’t wait to see what that crew has in store.

Tonight doubts are shed away, and while I fall asleep I know where my praise will lie…


…even if it does snow tomorrow…

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