Mobile Minutes: “Trusting God”

What’s the point of Monday without a interesting story.

This late afternoon I found myself seated across from a dubstep DJ, incredibly that actually isn’t what the store is about.

We were sitting at Starbucks talking about the Shock, soccer, and the upcoming season. After he left I took a deep breath and started to focus on what the plan was for the night. It was at that time that a young woman inquired to me about soccer; she was sitting right behind our conversation.

She asked if I was working with Sporting Kansas City.
She asked if I had something to do with the soccer community in Kansas City because she overheard me talking about FC Kansas City.
This was not a standard inquiry I could see.
I introduced myself and the Kansas City Shock, to which I then learned that she was a player for FC Kansas City.
My first celebrity sighting?

We sat and talked for a few minutes; highlighting our league, their coaches, and Kansas City as a whole. I’d be lying if I told you a lump wasn’t in my throat, and I was a bit worn from the day already.

She was very kind, and we found a mutual connection in Boston.

I guess what I took out of it the most was the unspoken book on display next to this conversation. I don’t know who wrote it, I don’t know what it was about, I just know the title that was found on the spine:

“Trusting God”

…and trust me, if not for any other reason that was the discussion that I needed.


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