Mobile Minutes: Ten Minutes

I’ve made a commitment to myself to be in bed no later than 12:00 AM each night during the work week.

It’s incredible how smooth of a day I had until ten minutes prior to midnight. It just goes to show you that the devil will do whatever he can to discourage you.

Sadly, I confess that I’m discouraged. You know when you work around the clock to build attention on something that you’re working on; something that’s going to be incredible and people just write you off?

Tonight, I’ve been written off…again.

While most times I’d just take it for what it is…this time it was close to home, it was in my backyard, and I’m just discouraged. I feel embarrassed and like a failure to the people around me because I wasn’t able to perform.

It’s 12:03 AM and not only am I still not in bed, I’m headed to bed with a heavy heart and a worn soul.


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