O: Boston

Clam chowda…

I can just hear it now.

Today, a Friday, was a grim reminder of what’s going on this weekend…

I’m getting out.

Thanks to some very, very kind people I’m heading out to Boston, Massachusetts tomorrow afternoon to take a look at a National Women’s Soccer League match between the Boston Breakers and the Washington Spirit.

We have been blessed to create some great friendships with the staff of the Boston Breakers; us at the Kansas City Shock. I’ll finally be able to put faces with names this weekend. It’s a great chance to see how a professional organization is ran, and through a program with some history. In women’s soccer terms Boston has been around for quite some time. I’m very much looking forward to this great opportunity in such a ‘foreign world’ for me in Boston, Massachusetts.

The reality is that this trip has quickly turned into a two-fold purpose. The first is to educate myself, to learn, and to repeat success with our own program in Kansas City. The second reason, as I explained to my girlfriend, is that I need away. I need to stretch my wings. While I’m still learning about this whole flying concept; I was born a traveler. Traveling is my escape; some people have smoking, some tanning [true story], and others have reading…for me it’s the open road/air, saltwater, mountain peaks, and random villages. It’s lobster and burgers, clams and steaks. When I’m able to interact with another culture; I feel right at home.

So, like all random trips; this’ll run through it’s different phases with pictures and all that other fun stuff. Plenty of soccer, new friends, great food, and coffee…lots of coffee. I look forward to a fresh breath of life, a moment to refocus, count my blessings, and enjoy the second.

I’m am very blessed.


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