Mobile Minutes: Boston Part III

Found St. Louis. Found out there isn’t any free WiFi at St. Louis.

Alas, I shall survive.

The flight was 36 minutes…beat MC on her way home from the airport it turns out (she also stopped for flowers).


Did find a bagel joint for lunch. I do remember how much I’m not a fan of the airport in St. Louis.

Last time I was here it was my honeymoon, but that isn’t my reason for dislike.

I hear the bickering between KC and St. Louis constantly. Let me settle this; KCI vs St. Louis-Lambert…exactly; even with the old airport KCI wins.

Oh well, another hour delay and I’m on my way to Boston.

I will add this:

While taking off I just leaned back in my head and simply said:

I’m free.

See you in Boston!


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