Mobile Minutes: Boston Part IV

Made it.

By the way…did anyone else know that the Boston Marathon was taking place this weekend? I was surrounded by passengers of the running type all the way from St. Louis to Boston. I confess that I did sleep most of the way to Boston; minus the beginning of a new book I’m reading “Heaven: Part III of the Halo Series” (don’t judge). However, after the plane descended past the cloud bank into Boston…I…was…speechless.

1.2 million people is an understatement. Oceans, bays, towers, shorelines, swamps, trees, roads [none of which are in straight lines in Massachusetts it turns out…] there’s everything out here. After getting lost trying to find the rental bus shuttle I was once again [conned] into an upgrade with Avis [they’re so good…for only $3 a day more…] and went speeding off into Boston with a Ford Fusion.

I first experienced the toll system…$3.50 at a time. I was fearful that the roads were going to be tolls…NOPE…just the tunnel.

Yes, the tunnel. The ‘big dig’ project from a few years back. I spent the first five to six miles of my drive under water in the tunnel system. It was amazing. I’d never been in a tunnel that long and when I finally came out…oh mama…they knew what they were doing with their designs; you wind up on a massive suspension bridge that would make the new one in KC blush, and it glows blue and you see a massive, breath taking shot of downtown Boston; skyscrapers and all. Then the highway (I-93) is raised above the city, so heading north to my hotel I was able to see everything at night; it was insane.

No getting lost getting to the hotel this time, no snow either. I eventually found a Chinese restaurant with Kenny, a very nice waiter. My hotel is crammed full of runners for the marathon, and my hotel room is massive. I’ve been greeted by the people I’m with tomorrow, and I’m very, very, very blessed to have this opportunity. I’m heading to the field around 2:00 PM EST; game is at 6:30 PM EST. I’m just pumped…that’s the best way to put it. Strangers all around me, a completely different city, and a passion that I love. It is the escape that I’ve been dreaming of…and now I’m living it.

See you tomorrow world!


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