Mobile Minutes: Boston Part V

Good morning/afternoon world!

I’ve decided to be as cliche as humanly possible this morning; eating Boston Creme Donuts at Dunkin Donuts on Summer Street.


First, it turns out that this specific store is ancient; the black/white photos along the walls confess to that [there are cars from the ’40’s in the parking lot of the photo]. I spent some time on the interstates winding around the Boston area, but eventually to start heading over to the stadium I had to get knee deep into the streets.


Traffic. Traffic. Traffic.

On a Sunday none-the-less. All the parks are filled with kids [and old guys trying to recreate days when they were kids],a nd the roads are just crammed with cars everywhere. So far, what is most fascinating is the overall appearance of the area. The fact that I’m staying in a town that was founded in 1729 just blows my mind. The vegetation in the area is so, so dense. Also remember that the last time I was moving about it was traveling in a desert between Las Vegas and Reno. The housing looks old, but not run down…just old, antique…really, really neat actually. The diversity was expected, and is so well embraced out here. I’m sitting next to a man with a very strong accent from Ireland, eating in a Dunkin Donuts managed by a guy from India, and just saw several people stop in that have French accents. It is nice to see diversity embraced and accepted. I know it isn’t perfect, but versus what I’ve heard growing up…it’s refreshing.

In about an hour I’m heading over to Dilboy Stadium to see the game day process getting started. The weather is perfect; I know that comparison to the average temperature for time of year it’s a bit cool…but trust me; in jeans and a jacket the weather is perfect.

So far, keeping track…of the past travels Las Vegas is the only city that I wouldn’t live in…ever. Boston though; so far, so good. While it is evident that over a million people live here, it still feels like a neighborhood. It’s as if a bunch of small towns just merged together. Factor in the Revolutionary War stuff along the way [seriously cool], and this is just a neat area. Prices are a bit higher, but nothing extreme. It’s cheaper out here on standard ‘stuff’ versus Los Angeles, but not quite as low as Las Vegas.

Insanely I have not found the Boston accent…yet. When I picked up the rental car, he had a Hispanic accent. The hotel? French. The restaurant? Chinese. The coffee shop today? India. I just find irony of that, but I’ve been informed that it’s coming once I get to the stadium….hold that thought…man just yelled at his kids for wanting chocolate milk…that was definitely the Boston accent.

In the end, this is a pretty cool place. I image it is beautiful in the winter, and I definitely see why it is a summer destination for several people.

Now that the traveler’s concepts are out of the way…let the soccer game begin!


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