Mobile Minutes: Boston Part X




I’ve arrived back in the city a few minutes ago. My hotel is across the street from a National Guard base; as you can imagine they’re on full alert. I think four Hummer’s were sitting out on the entry of the base, lights on, and fully active. Chilling. My hotel, like several other hotels in the area, were packed with Boston Marathon runners. This hotel is silent…just silent. I walked along the sidewalk to my room and saw a few people in sweats and comfortable looking shirts; we made eye contact and we all knew we looked the exact same: tired, confused, and still in a matter of disbelief.

We’ve been informed that everyone is to stay in their homes and hotels tonight. So, no one is moving through the area. From what I know my flight is on schedule for tomorrow morning; the FFA has lifted the ‘no-flight’ area at Boston-Logan. Southwest is allowing flights to be rescheduled, but as I’m sure many others can say…I’d like to get out of this area as fast as possible. With that said; I can’t even imagine what security is going to be like at Boston-Logan. We know the “T” is going to have a very heavy police presence, and between the tunnel [Big Dig] and the international airport, I imagine tomorrow morning is going to be a very, very long morning.

As you can imagine; every television channel and every radio station is 24/7 stream of news and updates. Truthfully I feel the eerily similarity of being in Joplin, Missouri after the tornado a few years ago. Walking zombies of people who have no idea what’s going on, and the overall sadness in the atmosphere. The evident difference is that someone did this on purpose, to create violence, to end life, and create chaos.

I just saw an update along the ticker on the bottom of the screen that we should expect massive delays at Boston-Logan tomorrow. So, I’m going to make my life as simple as possible: laptop goes into the carry-on suitcase. I’ll wear a t-shirt, jacket, and sweats tomorrow; no belts, zippers, or anything else. Make sure that the plastic bag is out in the open with shampoo, and all other liquids, and have my ID and ticket available at a moments notice.

So many of those friends that I had made yesterday, and the players from yesterday were in or at the race. The Boston Breakers were prompt in informing everyone that all players were contacted, all are safe, and all are taken care of currently. It’s unreal to think that 24 hours ago the atmosphere was light, full of excitement with the soccer match. Tonight, even in Somerville, Lexington, and elsewhere in the area…it’s just silent; Boston is silent.

I know several of you who read this have peppered me with questions about today, and my plans for tomorrow, so I hope this assist in clarifying. As far as I’m concerned it is an attempt at military organization tomorrow; make eye contact, say ‘yes sir, no sir’, and focus on getting on the plane.

Here’s to a new day, and here’s to the prayers going to Boston tonight.


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