Mobile Minutes: Boston Part IX

This was supposed to be humorous.

Sadly I can’t quite find the mindset to bring a smile to even myself. After getting lost in Vermont I went through US 302, winding across the mountain range that actually has Mount Washington in it. During this time I finally got cell reception, saw the emails and suddenly panicked.

I was supposed to be at the finish line. In a random change of events last night I had decided to not go to the Boston Marathon and instead head up here. The realization of that was more then I could handle and required a few minutes of fresh air. Then I started receiving the texts and phone calls from those who knew where I was this weekend. I called MC, she nearly lost it when I told her what had happened and that I was safe. The players from the Boston Breakers were in the race today, but thankfully they were all safe.

This is the first time that I’ve been this…close…to something like this. I imagine that the airport will be a nightmare tomorrow, but for now…I’m unbelievably grateful for direction to head north. No humor in this at all; I’m just happy that somehow God shipped me to Vermont, Canada, and then Portland instead of spending the day in Boston.


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