Mobile Minutes: Boston Part XI

Good morning world.

I’m sipping on some Dunkin and sitting at gate E1A.

It’s time for some serious bragging:

Boston: Aside from the rush hour this morning being absolutely awful, the people are Boston are not down and out. They’re moving along and making sure that they’re taking care of each other. Realistically, it is very noble. Each radio station this morning had people calling in from their viewpoint of the bombings. Some sad stories, but honestly…with 26K runners and thousands of fans; the positive stories of safety and rescues far outnumbered the sorrowful notes.

Boston-Logan: Mad props to Boston-Logan International. Sure, there has been an increase of definitely 100% of police force in the area, but people are smiling, flights are on time, and no one is irritable. Blue and yellow shirts and jackets are dotted throughout the airport [these are the jerseys and jackets from the marathon runners], but there’s just happiness. People ‘high fiving’ one another, and just happy…people are just happy in the airport.

TSA: For the flack that TSA has received in the past, major, MAJOR props to the TSA at Boston-Logan today. They have been insanely friendly, very patient, no one is barking out orders, and they’re smiling. Yes, there are assault rifles all throughout the airport and again security has increased substantially, but TSA has blown me away today.

In the end, I’ve got an hour before I’m back on my way to KC. Never underestimate American’s and their will to succeed. Sometimes that success and overcoming sensation is demonstrated by a single action:

A smile.


P.S. I think I’ve discovered a new personal goal for 2014. I’m going to try to run the Boston Marathon.

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