Mobile Minutes: Turning Tides

It’s been a fascinating past seventy two hours. I’m not sure what the case may be, perhaps a home field announcement, scarves being released, or perhaps something else…but the tides are turning; I can feel it.

The business side of life is promising; God is doing great things. Naturally, per usual it requires me to hit close to rock bottom as a nice reminder that I cannot control all aspects of life; in fact the reality is that when I let go of control and let God control me…then great things start to happen.

And great things are happening.

I’m just going to leave it there, but I can already tell you next week is going to be a busy, exciting week. I can feel it in my bones [soul].

On a fun side note:

A few weeks ago my girlfriend landed a 50″ television for a great price, and it wound up in the apartment. Tonight I broke down and get a HDMI cord. Now, we have a laptop connected to the television in a dual screen. Meaning I can work on my laptop, while running shows, movies, and soccer matches on the television.

Needless to say, in a very rare nerd moment…I’m pretty pumped.


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