Mobile Minutes: Marathon Training

Today was day one of a 22 week workout for an upcoming marathon in October in KC.

I’m already sore.

It’s a good feeling though [not being sore]. I haven’t pushed myself over a mile in a single setting in quite some time. Going over a mile requires you to rely on your mind to keep yourself occupied while your muscle memory does what it is supposed to do. It’s a great time being able to just let the body go on auto pilot, and just subconsciously dream of all the different things going on right now. It’s incredible to look at the world around me, just to marvel at the life that I’ve been brought into. One mile at a time I found myself smiling and shaking my head thinking, “There’s no way this is my life.”

Sure, it isn’t perfect, but man is it awesome, and the coolest part? It’s just getting started.

By the time I finished up at the dream I was physically worn, but mentally I was assertive, prepared, and my soul was relaxed in the comfort of knowing that I’m blessed.


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