Mobile Minutes: Contagious

Freedom is a fuel.

Hope is the ignition.

For several days now I’ve been talking about losing hope, looking for hope, and hoping that God hears me. While things have become much more entertaining in the recent 72 hours, the struggles still exist. However, through this evening I had the pleasure to briefly chat with one of our international players; one that was getting rather…antsy to say the least.

Through the short dialogue via email I found something fascinating in between the sentences; a short little quote:

…that ‘hope’ that you talk about in your blogs.. Ive got it…

Since I do get to take a peak at my insights every so often on WordPress; I do know when people from other countries are cruising through these pages.

If this message further amplifies hope in another individual…I’ve accomplished my mission.

Careful, hope can be the ignition.


One response to “Mobile Minutes: Contagious

  1. Jesus is our hope… Our mission is to share His love and His Hope… He said ‘go and tell’s…. God bless you as you serve Him

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