Our pastor at MoVal has some inalienable truths:
1. God is real
2. Duck Dynasty is a tool of His
3. Raccoon trapping is a form of worship

We’re close on truths:
1. God is real
2. Soccer is a tool of His
3. BBQ is a form of worship

Saturday I had a great pleasure. I put my work clothes away, hung up my Kansas City Shock jacket, and headed out for the day. Allow me to introduce you to “8 bit BBQ”:


Boom baby

“8 bit” consists of my friend, Sam, and his friends from Kansas City. Nerds, science, and sauce. Behold: “8 bit BBQ”. They were involved in the 18th annual Platte City BBQ Contest. They were one of 52 teams (and easily the youngest in that mix of hillbilly deluxe) with entries in chicken, pork, pork ribs, and brisket (dessert optional, but only cheesecake wins).


Burnt Ends: Kansas City Style

Thanks to Jim and MC, I love BBQ. Not just eating it, but the gift of it (Jim is a natural). So, I spent all day in beautiful weather, outside, down the road from a very work invested area just enjoying BBQ, family, and friends. It was relaxing (aside from plating) and fun. I chilled for four guys my age, similar stresses, similar backgrounds, and for a few hours yesterday…I was just a 25 year old guy. How’d the event end? With a 4th place in ribs (hot dang, top photo here) and the results of Sam’s parents ‘beer run’.


Boulevard Win

It. Was. Fun.
I. Had. Fun.

Spiritual ramifications from the day? Yes. Plenty. Why am I getting my praise on?

1. BBQ was good
2. Boulevard was cold
3. God is good

That’s a day of peace.


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