O: When You Tithe…

I’ve been waiting for this post…impatiently.

Disclaimer: All things typed here was done so with the approval via text message of our director of media.

Sometime ago I made a post about tithing at church, and how it drove me insane and openly admitted that I struggled with it. Nothing really has changed from that original position, aside from the churning in my soul of trying to do the right thing, humble myself, and tithe.

So, with stress building up, the account dwindling I decided last week (05/12/2013) that my first fruits were going on a check, to MoVal, and what would happen would be what happened.

Usually, along these lines that many modernist would suggest as ‘reckless’ I would image that everything financial would go wrong. However, the moment that I had placed that check in the passing plate, the unbelievable started. Along these lines, I’d like to show a correlation to a  mixed bag of goodies from what I learned yesterday at MoVal:

Monday (05/13/2013): After receiving a late night phone call from Customs in Atlanta, Georgia I was informed that our crazy patient player from Scotland would be delayed a day and not arrive until 05/14/2013. She had been held up because they couldn’t understand the idea of her playing for the Kansas City Shock and why she’d be in and out of the country so much as of late. Needless to say; she arrived in one piece [finally] on Tuesday.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy

Tuesday (05/14/2013): Aliesha arrived at the airport [on time], and Darco and I went to go meet her there. At the same time, Jim had posted on Facebook that the plant would be closing…for good. While the joy of having one of our internationals in place was great, my mind was instantly numbed with the a million questions of how to assist my family…and not having an answer.

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted

Wednesday (05/15/2013}: I started my day in the gym with a morning run, which was awful, and started working on my schedule for the day; including several meetings with potential investors and other items that I still can speak on. While walking to the car from the gym I received an email from our head coach; she resigned along with the assistant coach. Noting family reasons, I wouldn’t object with the move, and granted them safe journey’s with their new adventures. The reality was; a week and a half away from the Kansas City Shock home opener and there was no coaching staff. I dialed all the Founders and explained the situation. The ladies had their first practice that night; of which I showed up at and broke the news to them. They were given the option to walk away if they’d like. Not. One. Player. Left. On my way out to the car I sent a text to a friend of mine in the soccer world and simply asked if the option presented itself, would they be interested in potentially being a candidate for the head coach position. A few seconds later I received, “Yes. We need to meet.” This eventful day was followed by a meeting with a potential investor that stretched to 1:00 AM on Thursday morning…an hour south of where I currently live.

First team meeting last week.

First team meeting last week.

Blessed are those in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven

Thursday (05/16/2013): I had been running around with all the events going on within the organization, and on the side note I was working on getting our Australian player into the United States as well. This was also involved in budgeting, financing, and international player travel. She had been crazy patient as well, and I kept pushing her back, and back, and back. Finally, the stage was set for her to get here. However, this also was the same day of a full staff meeting in Kansas City; which stretched to 11:00 PM and went over coaching options. Honesty, especially after Wednesday, it was a very stressful day. I went home worn out, somewhat defeated, and full of questions on how on earth this program was going to get off the ground.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.

Friday (05/17/2013): The Boston Breakers had come to town and wound up training on our home field [awesome stuff there]. The staff had unanimously agreed to offer the head coaching position to Wendy Louque. Interestingly Wendy had been my consultant and mentor on the soccer dynamics of Kansas City almost since the original creation of the program. Meaning, that in many instances she’s known our battles, struggles, and triumphs. Personally, she’s a nose to the grindstone Christian that’ll set you straight whether you like it or not. Factor in that she has a strong coaching reputation in the Kansas City area, along with being connected to several organizations throughout the region, she was a great find. Who would have thought it would have been someone that had been in the background of the program since Day 1? I was feeling optimistic, went to one of my stores to work that night, and then my phone started going off. Racheal, our Australian was stuck in the airport in Adelaide. I had made a rookie mistake, I booked her one way instead of round trip, blend that in with the visa waiver and that’s enough issues not to be allowed to board. Her mother and I worked tirelessly via Google+ to get the issue resolved, and with some amazing work by Qantas, things were set. However, it was enough for me to lose my appetite for dinner.

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy

Saturday (05/17/2013): I finally hit rock bottom. I was stressed at work, I was stressed running, I was stressed at my parents house that night. In the wee hours of the night I saw that I had phone calls from Australia…again. This time Racheal had been delayed in Sydney due to engine issues in the plane [good enough reason to be delayed]. My head was spinning; this week had been a wreck, I was a wreck, time was ticking down for our home opener, so many unknown questions and that didn’t even include my family. I just broke down Saturday night in my apartment. Just lost it. It was after that pity party that things started to make more sense. I had done something that was against my standard norm, I tithed. While it wasn’t the action of tithing that creates insanity, it was doing something that kept me from being stagnant that brought about issues. See, if you’re a stagnant Christian, the devil could care less about you. You’re not a threat, you’re lazy. However, if you do something that provokes spiritual growth in yourself and may align the Kingdom towards continued success…you better be ready because everything imaginable is probably going to be hurled at you…all at once.

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Sunday (05/18/2013): A dinner with the players, they were introduced to their new coach [who many of them knew from the past], many small meetings, and plenty of food to go around. Racheal had made it through Customs, and through the storms, we were able to pick her up at 9:53 PM last night. Meaning she slept better, her mother slept better, Darco slept better, and I slept better. The rain washed away the past week, the storm brought with it a new passenger of our ongoing journey, and the new day, a Monday [of all things], further instills in me that this is the right direction.

One From Scotland

One From Scotland

One from Australia

One from Australia


Team meeting while introducing Wendy Louque.

Team meeting while introducing Wendy Louque.

How do I know? Because the persecution feels so good.


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