Mobile Minutes: Getting Out

On the monthly business trip.
Eating alone at Applebee’s at 9:00 PM. The ladies are at practice, two days from kick off. Jersey’s were found, shirts ordered, other things being worked on. Game is at 2:00 PM CST on Saturday…I’m already a nervous wreck. The rain is holding off for Saturday it looks like, and Sunday evening should be nice as well. Two teams coming from St. Louis and Des Moines. Paperwork is still being processed by the league (not a fan). I have to be at the field tomorrow night to meet season ticket holders and do a run through for the game day. Making sure I’m out of the way basically. Not an easy task it turns out.

I’m nervous, slightly terrified. The pressure on and off the field is borderline unsettling. For as unapologetic as I have been known to be, this is the one time I do not want to disappoint people. Not just for the sales, but because I firmly believe that they deserve it. This isn’t a corporate program, this isn’t nationally based, this what happens when people get ideas. Local people, passionate people, the people’s people.

Does that make any sense? Or am I just rambling? We have to win, we have to succeed. We have to achieve the greatness that we are destined to reach.


One response to “Mobile Minutes: Getting Out

  1. I will say this only because I see you are using my introductory comment in November, 2012. THIS HAS TO WORK!!!
    Field operations(FIFA level of equipment, nothing less), , Referees(meet greet, separate locker room required for officials(4), Certified Athletic Trainer,(nurse, Medic doesn’t qualify per US Soccer,), Person to serve as host for Fire and Ice and be with them from arrival to departure, security, First Aid supplies, Athletic training supplies, Crutches, bench apparel, post game clean up, WELFARE OF THE PLAYERS FROM BOTH SIDES COMES FIRST., scorekeeper, stats keeper, printer(each coach receives halftime and final stats), press releases to literally every Soccer and media organization within 30 minutes of final whistle,
    Tell the truth, eliminate the smoke mirrors,

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