O: Worship Time


I think of Sonicflood, church camp, high school girls, and people crying on Thursday night. I imagine hands held high, I see ladies with their eyes closed, and potentially hearing the ‘speaking in tongues’ within some groups. However, the more and more I think of worship, the more I tend to constrain my thoughts towards the image of a church, a camp, a group of Christians doing…well…Christian things.

Anyone else gotten to the point that they enjoy having their thoughts proven wrong…repeatedly? I’m a man of stereotypes; it’s a nasty habit, but tempting all the time. The stereotype of worship in a spiritual notion is easily one of the worst. However, tonight reality came knocking, the Holy Spirit kicked down my walls, and I experienced worship.

On the soccer field.

I’ve heard athletes talk about feeling closer to God when they’re doing what they love; granted, I hear very few businessmen ever say that. I always thought it was cliche, but man these past two days has taken my ego, placed it in check, and God has shocked my world.

For those of you keeping track of my strange life; the Kansas City Shock, the women’s soccer team that I own, started their first season this weekend with games on Saturday and Sunday. My life has been an exhaustive, stress filled nightmare. However, you know what?

-The fans showed up
-The merchandise sold [well]
-The players had jerseys
-The music was tight
-The fans cheered
-Photos were taken
-Goals were scored by players from USA, Scotland, and Australia
-The Kansas City Shock is currently 2-0 for the season!

I could cram down stats, and look at images, and flaunt this fact or that, but guys…when you’re standing on the field. You see a team pouring their hearts out for a dream, an idea, a belief. You can hear the fans screaming out names and numbers, the “oooo’s” and “ahhh’s”. You meet strangers and random friends [who probably have never imagined you in this position]. With all that mixed together…I had no choice…have no choice…but to praise God. The moment when you finally realize you’re in your calling, you’re in your ministry, all the garbage that life has thrown at you already…was for this moment. That’s my worship. My worship is seeing a girl who’s done everything to come back to the USA from Scotland, talk to me in April of last year about this program, tried out for this program, got on the roster, lost the first round of coaches, got delayed in the airport [and prior], etc…and see her turn into the most terrifying defender I’ve ever seen, a captain of the team, and knock in the first goal of tonight’s game? That’s a story you don’t forget. The local kid who was in goal and just took everything thrown at her…and then some and didn’t give up a goal all weekend. You don’t forget. The noise, laughter, cheering, and music all combined with whistles, final scores, and handshakes is just so much that it takes me hours later to realize how beautiful orchestrated God has brought an idea together.

I’m beat right now; I’d love to sleep…I’m going to sleep, but I knew I had to get this out first. The Kansas City Shock is real. It’s really, real. An idea and a thought has become a reality, and I’m just managing the task that God has given me. How amazing, beautiful, and breath taking it is to see Him at work.

That’s some good worship.


P.S. Remember that Australian…

Photo Courtesy of Rob Fish

Photo Courtesy of Rob Fish


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