So…this wasn’t something that I had planned.

I’m currently sitting at BG Products Stadium in El Dorado, Kansas. Not too often do I get to start out a piece like this.

Try to imagine the setting:

I’m sitting in the middle seats of a beautiful, new stadium at Butler Community College [5,000 seat minimum easily], rocking my Kansas City Shock polo and watching a high school showcase game take place on the field. some of the top high school women’s soccer players were brought together to play each other in this match.

Really cool point: Coach Louque [Kansas City Shock head coach] is the celebrity coach of the game.
Really cool point [twice]: I was able to present the Kansas City Shock to the players before they took the field.
Really cool point [BONUS!]: Several college coaches came up to me during dinner and congratulated me on the two wins last weekend.

Guys, this is really happening. Since I’m off from Subway for the day, my day has consisted for business meetings in the morning and traveling down here this afternoon. All of these events spun around the same context:

The Kansas City Shock is growing.

Per usual there are several things that I can’t comment on, but man…in the past few days God has just been adding to the gears of this program. I mean, right now I actually feel like I work in a business. I’m sitting with my laptop open, texting an investor, seeing which college coaches are in the area, and watching the game going on at the same time. It’s just fascinating to be in this position. I’m not saying that I’ve done anything to deserve it, in fact there is much, much more to do. However, moments like this I’m being sure to get my praise on, count my blessings, enjoy the sun and the beautiful game.


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