Mobile Minutes: Equipment Check

I am not familiar with the military, and for that I apologize. However, with two cousins that went through the Air Force Academy I did get to hear about all sorts of fun stories along the lines of room checks, equipment checks, and everything else you can imagine [or at least I imagine].

I received a text from my supervisor with Subway informing me of an equipment check tomorrow at a late morning meeting. Now, our equipment consists of laptop, printer, car, iPhone, and their respective cables. I’m sure on the grand scheme of things this is very routine, but guys…I’m scared out of my mind.

I know I’ve made this mention before, but meetings with anyone of Subway makes me super nervous. Per usual I can’t express how grateful I am for the job that I have, but if you’re ever curious on the stress that I bring upon myself with the position…it tends to be unreal. Primarily because I hate making mistakes, and I know that I make mistakes at work. Stupid mistakes, whatever they may be. And these meetings constantly remind me that I make mistakes and like anyone else…I grow fearful of how many mistakes I make before I’m expendable to a company. Not to be dramatic, but it is something that constantly crosses my mind. Trying to give 100% with Subway and 100% with the Kansas City Shock is just hard [like anyone would say I’m sure], and it increases the percentage chance of error within both institutions. Almost feels like a catch 22 on several occasions. It’s not like there is anyone to blame for th eset up, I mean come on; it’s on me.

I guess realistically, I just hope people can be patient with me. Not just within organizations, but in life as a whole.


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