Mobile Minutes: Underdog

Nothing, and I mean nothing beats waking up to Audio Adrenaline’s “Underdog”. This song makes me so happy in the morning. Being the underdog, and liking it. You know the best part of being the underdog? People pay more attention to what God does when reality says you’re not suppose to succeed. That stuff is just cool in my book. As I listened to our pastor last night at my apartment, the words are still echoing through my head. If my focus is just on giving God glory, everything is going to work itself out. After all, He hasn’t failed yet.

-Darco and I are getting married August 2, 2013 privately between us and the pastor at MoVal. It was a joint decision that we both wanted. Once things have calmed down a bit we will hold a more formal ceremony.
-I’m disappearing on the first Kansas City Shock road trip tomorrow. Quad Cities and Des Moines. I’m one of the drivers…hehe.
-We got a summer intern from a local university this summer. Great guy, but of course, because of how God works he’s also a rock solid brother in the faith. I love it!


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