Mobile Minutes: Project Corn Part I

Had a blast last night. My boys from 8 bit BBQ were back in action in another contest. At the same event I had some Kansas City Shock players signing autographs throughout the evening. Fresh meat for tacos were cooked, Boulevard was on tap, and last night was just straight up awesome.

However, I’m currently on route to my weekend project: traveling. This weekend the Kansas City Shock hits the road for two away games. One in the Davenport, Iowa area and another in Des Moines, Iowa. Incredibly with all my driving I have never been to either.

Affectionately this section is “Project Corn” for obvious reasons. If you’d like to “see” the games visit @KC_SHOCK_LIVE on Twitter starting at 3:00 PM CST.

Final thought:
Aside from SimCity, I had one video game that I frequently played. A humorous MMOP called Team Fortress 2. Trust me…comical. My character was called “Pyro”, a madman with a gas mask and a flame thrower. It just so happened to be that the guys at 8 bit BBQ had a spare gas mask laying around…




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