Mobile Minutes: Project Corn Part V

Losses are hard. It’s just a fact of life. The ladies fell to Des Moines 4-0 on Sunday in the nasty rain. Turns out, while I’m not necessarily competitive in nature, I took that harder then I thought I would. It wasn’t anger, it was fear:

Will Kansas City care? Did we fail? How are the standings? Are businesses writing us off?

I mean, it is incredible the amount of questions I could come up with out of fear.

However, driving home from Des Moines I thought back to breakfast. I was alone heading to Starbucks and was thinking on the concept of giving God the glory, all the time. It seems easy to give Him praise, credit, point your finger to the air, etc…when things are going right. But, when things aren’t, that’s where you’ll really see who gets credit. So, even though it was bitter, the reality is that win/loss my ship has to maintain course. This isn’t my team, program, or business. It’s God’s and I have to be able to represent Him and His teachings, no matter what the day throws my way.

It’s currently Monday and I’ve slept the best I could, plenty of things to get done today.


2 responses to “Mobile Minutes: Project Corn Part V

  1. Yes, quite true. All the what ifs and things we should not ever ask but do anyway. Then doubt hits us and fear creeps in and BAM! We aren’t really giving God anything but vague leftovers!!! Cool post hope you have a very cool week

  2. You don’t even want to know some of the paranoid thoughts that have gone through my mind as we prepare for Sunday’s opener and the home match the following week. Will anyone show up? Will I have a full roster? If we don’t win Sunday, are we destined for an 0-6 season? Those are just a couple of the questions I’ve asked myself in the past week.

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