Mobile Minutes: Lifetime Shifts

You just always know that gut sensation when things are changing within your life and large adjustments are about to take place. That’s been today in a nut shell.

It’s been a rapid past four days; with games on Thursday and Saturday, both unique in their own being, a player in the hospital, and this whole job thing…I’m trying to catch my breath right now.

Thursday had a full fledged professional soccer team come up from Houston to play us, and they were a good side. What was awesome was watching the Shock step up and go toe-to-toe with that program. They also got to unleash their “All Blues” as I’ve come to call them. They’re a dark blue Puma jersey and man, I love them. The final score was 1:4 in favor of Houston, but trust me, the score does not explain the play on the field. It gave me an opportunity to talk to the owner of the program a bit as well, a little business chat, and per usual I can’t say much [actually on my own choosing], but it was very beneficial, encouraging, and started getting me excited for what the future holds.

Friday I wound up on a day trip with my fiance to St. Louis. I had made an earlier note that there was a wedding in St. Louis that I was going to attend. However a home game interfered, so I worked with my friend and he invited me and Darco down to St. Louis for the rehearsal dinner [amazing by the way]. It was a pleasant trip out and a long one back with us getting back in town around 2:00 AM Saturday morning. Do I regret it? Not even for a moment. Being able to see a man who really was my primary source to God while going through the divorce, so excited with his bride-to-be? There isn’t anything of value that compares to that experience. Best of luck to you Andrew and Melinda Seley 😉

Saturday was brought into existence by rain and storms. Our game with the USA Women’s National Deaf soccer team was pushed back two hours. However, the game did take place, tickets were sold, and an incredible match took place that I’ll never forget. It literally was the bare roots aspect of growing the game of soccer in its purest form. It was all about the national team, everything was, and it was awesome [and they played very well also].

A mass group photo of both the Kansas City Shock and the USA Women's National Deaf team.

A mass group photo of both the Kansas City Shock and the USA Women’s National Deaf team.

Our captain with the co-captains of the USA Women's National Deaf team after the match. Our jersey will be going with them to Bulgaria next month for the Deaflympics!

Our captain with the co-captains of the USA Women’s National Deaf team after the match. Our jersey will be going with them to Bulgaria next month for the Deaflympics!

Today was all about recovery from the road trips, late night food stops, and lack of sleep. I finally got to MoVal [gone last week] with Darco and we could talk about our engagement and of course the team [for a church in the middle of a corn field, you wouldn’t believe how pumped these folks are about soccer]. Afterwards, sadly Darco had to go to work, but I wound up hanging out with Jim for Father’s Day, grilling some strips, eating too much food, and drinking way too much coffee. Through this afternoon I received a phone call from the league commissioner, asking if I’d take the responsibility for ‘inspecting’ incoming teams within the region [placing emphasis on a few key areas], the media director for our region contacted me and now she’s set to go [and is going to do an amazing job], and finally I received an email tonight that was a followup to a job application I put in. I now have a phone meeting to discuss my credentials sometime this week with this potential employer [that also happens to be in the same location as one of the areas I’m to look at for the league for future development]. So, now I’m up typing this crazy thing and at the same time starting research on different venues of information prior to the phone call later this week. Basically, I’m back to studying and I have no complaints about it. The amazing part of this is knowing that if that job were to take place, it would require relocation [no problem], Darco and I would be married, and she’d most likely be at the point of promotion within her job which would allow a transfer for her to be much easier.

Needless to say; sometimes you just get that gut feeling that it’s time for another shift in life.


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