I feel like a college student in saying this:

There is nothing about getting up early that results in praise…

Now that, that is out of my system.

This morning was my first phone interview for a job that I had applied to a few weeks ago. It was supposed to go for thirty minutes…it lasted an hour. Very casual, just talking shop, business, and dreams. Interestingly enough though, there were several parallels that formed between all the different projects that my hands are currently in. Let’s just say it this way: I love development.

From the phone call [I’m one of nine, narrowed from an applicant base of 25] there is the strong potential that I’m looking at a face-to-face interview next week. I think safely this is the best I can say currently. I’m very excited and very, very grateful for the places that God has placed me in over the years. I know that Darco is very, very excited about what has been going on [remember, she’s never lived outside of the city we’re currently in], and she did move all of her stuff into my apartment yesterday. No worries, she’s still sleeping at her house until August 2nd.

So yeah, thanks for the prayers because today was a very, very good day. God is good and is rapidly opening some life changing doors.

Oh by the way…

Here’s some fun on a new Kansas City Shock shirt project [still being adjusted]:

Keep calm ya'll...

Keep calm ya’ll…










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