First of all, the Kansas City Shock went back into league play today. Their last home game for the regular season and walked away with a pounding 3-0 win. That’s awesome in itself.

Photo courtesy of Daniel Russell

Photo courtesy of Daniel Russell


It gets better though; while I’ve been in the office thinking tonight I started looking at our league standings. Currently we sit in first for the division [Midwest], and we have one divisional game left in St. Louis. I did some quick math and realized something awesome:

The Kansas City Shock has already qualified for the 2013 Women’s Premier Soccer League playoffs!

The big question currently is where playoffs will be. Again, I go back to the standings of our league [top team hosts]. If Ohio Galaxy loses or ties one game of their next two and we win in St. Louis; then we will host the 2013 Midwest Division playoffs. Needless to say it’s pretty cool. I think of it like this; if we can host playoffs it’ll help our budget so, so much [as every other team would say as well].

On a personal level this is just one of the coolest things ever [not even close to getting engaged]. I mean the reality is that this concept, this program was an idea and $10 and it blossomed into a playoff contending sports team. Of course there are even more things in the works with the program that really will shock the world [hehe], but those will come later. Right now it is just amazing to see what God can do with a simple notion. You want a testimony? I’ve got one for you; it’s quite the story.

Already the amount of people and businesses to thank is a mile long an will continue to grow. However, tonight I’m just going to get my praise on. The simple idea of going from divorced, unemployed, homeless, and very unhealthy to getting married in AUGUST, having the incredible honor of watching the Kansas City Shock, and having an eventful life full of growth, love, and even stress [sometimes that is a good thing] is such as heart warming realization.

God is good, even though we don’t deserve, I don’t deserve it, He continues to blow minds.


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