Mobile Minutes: Relearning

It’s been a continual whirlwind…what else is new? The Shock tied in their first game of the USASA National Women’s Tournament against divisional foe Des Moines. Decent way to end the day.

I’m starting to understand why American’s have such serious heart issues. The amount of stress we allow ourselves to have is insane. As I shared with my fiance last night, the stress that I feel myself in is unreal:

*Current Season
*Future Shock Projects

That’s the primary ones, each with their own unique story. It’s embarrassing to confess that, that easily I’ve met my faith grow weak. It’s a sad truth and humiliating. No matter the blessings I find a way to doubt. I’m so sick of being that Christian. The one who fails to live radically, the one who slips up and hurts people, the one who doubts. It’s sickening because He deserves so much more. He deserves better.

Reality is I don’t deserve Him.


2 responses to “Mobile Minutes: Relearning

  1. No one deserves Him, and that is the beauty of redemption through salvation. What you feel is what every Christian feels at several points in their lives. It’s in our nature to doubt, question and lose faith; however, in our journey with our Father, we grow to have these moments less and less.

    Don’t be discouraged. By God’s grace, everything will work out to His plan, and you will glorify Him.

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