Mobile Minutes: Church Camp

I. Loved. Church camp.

There, I said it. While many were sending their children to the five million different sports camps each firey summer, I personally chose adolescent theology instruction…who am I kidding?

I went for the girls.

Regardless of my intent I always enjoyed the camp and always had a specific sensation associated with camp. Usually including caffeine and lack of sleep mixed with a sun burn.

Burns aside I awoke with that same sensation today. I can’t express to you how nervous I currently am. While taking a shower this morning I asked to overly simplified question:

How did I get here? Past the job, the idea, the move, the isolation, the divorce, the degree, the small town, the church camp, and beyond?

It’s a lot of questions to ponder. Many more then I should allow for this time in the morning. I’ll just chalk it all up as God’s grace and move on. Praying that He’ll guide me again today.


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