Mobile Minutes: Listening Ears

This afternoon and evening has been interesting since posting this early today. The amount of people who have personally contacted me has been incredible and humbling; many times I forget that people [outside of Darco and my parents] read this thing.

I’ve had a few phone calls this afternoon, sent out a few emails explaining the circumstance, and for those who attempt to strike down your dreams [pretty dramatic way to put it] there’s so many more that are behind them to pick you back up.

From individuals sending me random Facebook messages in New York, to a business sponsor shipping off a random text message, to even a random barista at Starbucks talking to Darco; people listen and people know the frustrations.

To all of you along those lines; thank you.

I’m sure many of the people reading this have been in a similar boat. You see the future, you know the incredible journey that lies ahead, but to get to that ‘cast-off’ requires a few major hurdles along the way. That’s exactly where I’m at today. It’s been an afternoon of prayer and emails, prayer and emails, and then a random phone call here or there. I’ll be honest by saying that most of the time I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just trying to go in the right direction [whatever that may be].

I was speaking to man that I regard as a business mentor earlier this afternoon; trying to defuse the day and he gave me hope in his words:

Many times when we hit a snag, or a problem that tends to be Satan trying to derail us from God’s plan. When we work through them, it is then that we realize that we were on the cusp of something incredible.

How hard I cling to those words can’t be expressed in type. It’s frustrating and slightly relaxing to know that I’ve experienced this situation before; more so in the personal life instead of the business life, but I suppose when it’s your own business we tend to blend the two together. Not that it really matters since the personal and business lives are God’s anyways, not really your own.

Right now though; I think the best way to sum everything up is from my beloved “The Incredibles”.


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