Mobile Minutes: Lightbulb

This is insane.

I’m not saying life is any easier, but I just had a major breakthrough on the employment side. However, in order to explain this I’m going to need everyone to take a deep breath, put your initial thoughts behind you, and open your mind.


One of the five million things that I love about Darco is the fact that she’s so encouraging on the front of me exploring employment that I enjoy [that’s why she embraced the Kansas City Shock so…easily]. I’ve been racking my brain on different ideas, working on school applications, and something incredible just dawned on me: consulting.

Social Media Consulting.

This is a real industry. People throughout the world have built businesses around the notion of assisting current industries with their social media influence. After all, this isn’t a fad, it’s a growing trend that can determine the overall worth of a business in the marketing scheme of things; especially small businesses.

So, I started digging this afternoon for information and what I learned is that there is a ton of information, and I also learned that the going rates are reflective of lawyers. Seriously. $3,000-$5,000 to set up a Facebook page? $1,000-$2,000 per month to maintain Twitter? These are real numbers with real businesses.

Now, how can I enter that industry?

  1. The scary realization is that I have credibility in this realm. The Kansas City Shock unknowingly has presented itself as a unique example of what social media can do if you know your target market. An idea became a fully funded women’s soccer program in less than a year. It met the needs and accessibility of the industry. This is why I had a meeting with Google today about the Kansas City Shock’s G+ page.
  2. Low ball: Yes, money is obviously needed. However, I’ve been working with social media for some time, and I think there is a balance that can be met on the cost of a service versus what is being done. Especially in the city that I live in. This is an industrial driven city; it isn’t commercial, it isn’t tech driven, it’s old, nasty factories. That means that this market though is wide open. As is the Omaha market, and while some of Kansas City is saturated I promise you the Northland isn’t. Meaning, there’s definitely the opportunity for success. You must be able to start small though and build up.
  3. What services do you offer? Simple: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, choose your blog, online hangouts, YouTube, etc…the possibilities are really endless. Additionally, it also opens up the ability for consulting sessions. This could be by way of keynote speaking, office presentations, and most importantly education on social media topics. These are all things that I’m knowledgeable about, and something that I actually comes easy to me.
  4. Potential clients? Oh my word; endless options: school districts, factories, local breweries, churches [?]; I mean…man it’s unreal what could happen. Also, who knows? Maybe they need video, maybe I know people who do video, maybe those people get brought in; website design, graphic art, etc…I mean; imagine this scenario: A Google+ page that has a video of a tour of a local brewery, how the beer is made, the history of the old building that was gutted and turned into the brewery, the owner, the story, the food; all documented. The place is added on Places via Google Maps, it’s Facebook page is rich on photos and stories, a Pinterest account for the things they sell? Bottles, glasses, food, t-shirts? Their Twitter account runs a few days a week, sharing photos and Instagram videos of a company that has fun making a great product in a local community. That is how you sell your company.

I need to get this stuff written down, accounts organized, name found, logo developed, etc…guys…I think this could work. I really, really think this is a good direction. I’ll need a presentation, some business cards, examples, and such. I can so do this!


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