Mobile Minutes: Adjusted And Blue

Alright, after getting home, grabbing some wings, kissing my fiance, and listening to her harass me about the website I’m sitting here past my bedtime ensuring that things are smoothly running. What do you think?

Personally, I like the live Twitter feed at the top of page; it further identifies the social media presence in my opinion. It did start with a red header, but I moved it to blue because…well I don’t like red.

Most everything else should be set and adjusted like usual on the right hand side. I like the white background as it has assisted the media to ‘pop’ a bit more. One thing I’ll be aiming for is to improve the amount of media that’s presented on the page. As everyone knows; adding pictures can greatly heighten the interaction with the viewer.

All of us still enjoy picture books…

I’m off for the evening; some more sorting will be done tomorrow I’m sure. Again, thanks for the patience.


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