XO: How Many More Letters?

I don’t do end games.

The reality of this life is that I never plan for anything to end. It almost seems ironic; I never think about the Kansas City Shock ending, or North Point, or #TakeTheCity, or any of it. Yet, I watched my first marriage promptly end. I find this concept interesting.

Never the less, I can say that FilingThePapers is now into its third season; ‘XO’. It was definitely a play on letters with the whole romance idea blended with a very literal combination of removing on life ‘X‘, diving into the opportunities of a new life ‘O‘, and what do you wind up with?

X’s and O’s…or a better perspective.


We’re less then a week out. This time next week I will be a husband, I will have a wife, and we’ll start an entirely new; psychotic chapter of our lives. Obviously it’ll include the several dynamics that you, the reader, have become accustom to. The Kansas City Shock, MoVal, Starbucks [Dunkin Donuts], etc…

We’ll be adding some more stuff in here between the two of us; this includes access to our G+ family page; yes we did that. It’ll also include more information on #TakeTheCity, something we’re jointly invested in. Most importantly, it’ll have information about marriage. The joys and even the frustrations.

Where everything goes from there, I have no clue. I’m just here for a fun time, a fun ride, with a fun future bride.

We be fly.

We be fly.









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