Tranquility, for the moment at least. The laptop is still working smoothly [I’m typing this with a music program, three G+ pages, and a video game in the background at 170 degrees]. Darco is at work, there’s food in the fridge, and I’m working on a few pieces of information in the office.Look, I don’t have answers for everything in my life. I don’t know why half the things that have happened in my life even happened. I own two businesses currently, not to mention #TakeTheCity as well. I’m getting married on Friday, and I’m so, so cool with that. I mean, come on people, I’m getting married! I’m pumped about it because it is to my best friend, and we’ve gone through so many trials together already that I can’t imagine a life without her [nor do I wish to]. The dishwasher is fixed, most bills are taken care of, and substitute teaching will start shortly next month. Jim got a job at a local school district, and I know at least MC is relaxed bit due to this news. Darco has a crazy, awesome meeting tomorrow to discuss her promotion within Starbucks. I’ve never met someone work so hard for something as she has for this promotion. Not to mention that there are several things within our family that it’ll affect. MoVal continues to be an insanely awesome blessing, and the Kansas City Shock still exists [that’s a big deal in my book].

Life isn’t perfect, but that’s alright, I’m down with that. For the moment though; it’s all good. The stress just isn’t as sharp as used to be, and truthfully, having a steadfast bride-to-be stand by my side through so much in the past two months…past year…it’s paying off because I know that at least one soul believes I’m capable of what I dream about.

That’s all. Back to work.


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