Mobile Minutes: Grace

This is where I’m supposed to get cheesy, and absolutely unruly on my thoughts of an audience I never see.

Realistically, I want to say thank you. Getting alerts that today’s viewership has passed 100 views for the day…again, is heart warming. It’s not as if I’m getting paid for this, it’s just my story to tell. With that said though, some of you, who I literally will never see on this earth, don’t know some of the stories that have come about from this site.

True, I blame the Kansas City Shock for most of it. Our players have background stories of divorce, abuse, negligence, and all around heartbreak. We had a hard bunch of ladies with several hidden scars. Whether it was a boyfriend, a friend, a father, or a mother; perhaps a coach or even a player, people know this site. So, for the digital reader who doesn’t live in my realm of reality, know that this site is doing much more then just allowing me to vent about the day. If nothing else it’s doing the one thing FilingThePapers was originally designed to do; tell a story and give people from every background of life hope.

For those who share these insights, spread this site, and who knows what else you can do with a URL; thank you, it’s affecting more people in a positive manner then you or I can ever imagine.


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