XO: Organizing Households

It’s a fact that Darco and I are in the deal making business. The truth is that we hold each other accountable by encouragement and incentives. As we move closer together and much closer to being married; we’ve taken the time together to already compile a list of things that need adjustments in order to have a more fulfilling marriage.

The reality is that we are very, very busy individuals. I fear for the people at MoVal because we’re rarely around. Something that I take direct responsibility for. However, if we’re in our 20’s and already on the go, we should set a good standard for expectations of ensuring that projects get done, work is accomplished, and that time is spent together. Being cohorts with the Kansas City Shock and #TakeTheCity gives us a lot of time together, but that’s as business. Completely different compared to hanging out as lovers.

List time!

  • I’ve completely failed “Date Night”; it’s a sad, harsh truth. Even while we were still dating Darco made it evident to me that I’d dropped the ball in that department. So, we’re going back to the drawing board and ensuring that one night a week is just for us, and completely unplugged.
  • Taco John’s, Bleecker Street Deli, Blanc, and the list continues. We both have our places of comfort food, but aside from the wallet, it also affects the gut. So, painfully so, we’ve already trimmed back on how many times we’re eating some place that isn’t home [now, if a sushi joint ever opens in this city…I’m in serious trouble].
  • Pepsi. Gone. Tear. Over it.
  • Cell phones. Not in the bedroom. Ever.
  • Google Calendar. Did you know between Darco and myself we have a total of five different Gmail accounts? We’re a Google family and we proudly admit it. One tool that we’ve become more and more accustom to is Google Calendar. We can color coordinate the calendar depending on which Gmail account is doing something. Whether that’s our family account with MoVal, my Shock account with a business meeting, or something else. The key to ensuring that it runs successful is by having phones that can handle the program, and updating each week on Sunday’s. Darco needs a new phone, that’s September. We’re also getting myself a Chromebook in September, and new tablets in November/December. Much of that is task orientation, so we know that each of us are doing throughout the day.
  • Fitness: This tends to be a touchy topic between the both of us. It’s taken a lot of grace on Darco’s part and a ton of humility on my end to work on this area. While I do not sport the best looking body in the world, personal fitness is very important to me. I need to drop some fat, build some muscle, and get back into proper form. Darco wishes to do the same. So, personally I’m the one that’s needed to kick the bad food to ensure that we’re not ingesting garbage constantly. In turn Darco is more susceptible to spending time at the gym. I need my mile times back until 6:00. Darco wants to lose thirty pounds. So, I get my time back under 6:00…that’s kind of the reward in itself for me. Darco on the other hand has some incentives. What I’m getting ready share I cleared with her, and she’s 100% cool with sharing to the rest of the world. For every ten pounds lost she’ll get new undergarments [I’m sickly old school] at Victoria’s Secret. Once she’s hit the twenty pound mark she’ll get new running shoes. She’ll be weighing ever two weeks, and I’ll be timing once a week. Our goal is to have this taken care of by December. Why? Our end reward for this work is kind of our honeymoon [ish] at Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This is a mutual goal, but it will require both of us to ensure that it is completed.
  • Sunday Morning: AH! We’ve hit a bad habit. Incredibly we’re not sleeping in on Sunday mornings, but by the time Darco gets to my apartment, we’ll just lay there and talk forever about who knows what. Meaning that we in turn are very late to MoVal for church. This is something that must be promptly addressed as well.
  • Meal Plan: This goes inline with eating more at home, and also Google Calendar. We’re on the go non-stop, that’s our theme. Without organization that can set us up for more impromptu eating stops [Freebirds, Taco John’s, Quik Trip, etc…]. To eliminate that we’re ensuring that we have a meal plan set for each week. Knowing which night is ‘Date Night’, when leftovers are expected, and everything in between. It takes some coordinating, but it can be accomplished with some creative minds and great cooks.

Tired of reading yet? That’s what we’ve got so far. It’s a daily challenge and things will have to be addressed as they come about, but we’re both trying to ensure that in several ways this marriage gets off on the right foot.


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