Mobile Minutes: All Nighter

I wish I could just wrap my arms around Darco, and not let her go.

Last night she was working on her final for her college course, and she had a very important presentation today at Starbucks. It was her assessment for promotion. Something that she’s been working tirelessly on; seriously.

I went to bed at midnight and slept horribly, but she never came in to say goodbye. I thought she just didn’t want to disturb me. Well, as it turns out, she slept on the couch in the living room last night. Although it isn’t popular with many, we’ve chosen not to live together until we were married. Yes, it’s a Christian thing, just like the fact we haven’t had sex prior to saying “I do”. Most nights she heads home between midnight and 1:00 AM and is back the next morning. There’s nothing easy about this stance, but it’s Biblical and something we hold very dear to us [though some days we hate it].

Anyways, she woke me up this morning by explaining that she slept on the couch last night after finishing her final. Of course, today she was nervous about her assessment. I wished her good luck, kissed her, and walked her to the door.

Several hours later, while I was getting my coffee after my meeting, she came into Starbucks. She wasn’t beaming, so I was fearful to ask. While sipping my mocha I told her about my meeting, and I could see the tears forming in her eyes. We walked outside of the story and I just wrapped my arms around her.

Why can’t they just see me at work? I hate public speaking.

That’s about all I could get out of her in-between sobs. I wholeheartedly felt devastated for her. Yes, we on’t know how the assessment went, but just seeing her so frustrated and sad was just heartbreaking. I didn’t want her to go to work. I wanted her to stay with me, have soup, watch movies, and just hold her close.

She works so, so hard, and so few people don’t recognize it.

I suppose I’ll chalk this one up as protecting.


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