Mobile Minutes: Ministry Trials

It’s no secret. When we don’t see immediate gratification and results from our work, we can become tempted to quit. However when looking at this recent passage that I found on my Bible app, whatever it is called. I stumbled across this verse from Galatians 6:9-10. Basically I’ve viewed it as a reminder that when God calls you to do something be sure to do it with every intent of pleasing him. Because there will be moments, and I know these moments from the Kansas City Shock, that we’ll want to quit.

It’s vital, crucial that we maintain the fact BC and idea that we do not work for ourselves, but for One who is greater, and through Him will  we see the fruits of our labor.


One response to “Mobile Minutes: Ministry Trials

  1. Ministry is always a challenge because the enemy doesn’t want anyone furthering the kingdom of God. Persevere and seek the Lord. Blessings!

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