Mobile Minutes: Generation Past

It was Buzzfeed’s fault. Random illustrations of the future lives of Harry Potter and all, something I found late at night while trying to sleep.

It begged the current question:

What is the future?

I realize it is in part due to Friday’s wedding, but while I continue to dream of this city, I’m now adding a family in it. I’ve even dreamed of a child (yes, a boy). Strange ideas that aren’t keen to cross this mind. What lies after business, coffee, politics, and travel?

What school will they be in? Favorite subject? Activity? Will they love to travel, or get lost in a book? How will they reflect me? Darco?

The stories we’ll tell them of a generations past; websites, soccer, and dreams. Planting their imaginations with endless possibilities.

Perhaps this is just me finally growing up, taking heed in MoVal’s stance on Godly families. It isn’t so foreign, alien anymore.

That city is my dreams is no longer population me.


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