XO: Redemption


As of today, the word is gone. It’s not even a hashtag worth utilizing in this site. In about six hours [give or take] I’ll be married, and the concept will be merely a thing of the past.

I suppose when looking at today, personally, it just sits in the concept of redemption. I can firmly say that life has gone full circle. From the despair and heartache of 2011 to this very moment. I mean, come on, I get to marry my best friend today and I’m so down with that. While I’m thrilled to say that I’ll never be a marriage expert; I can give you a few tips that I’ve learned in the past two years of a strange, bizarre exile.

  1. Marry your best friend: It sounds cheesy, because it is, but it’s 100% true. Darco and myself do not have a ton of friends. In fact, from our conversation last night, we probably don’t have enough. However, this caused her and myself to be around each other all the time. It’s worked out great for any transition towards marriage because we really do know each other. We’ve had the hard conversations, we’ve had the awkward moments, but we’ve never given up.
  2. Faith: Again, cheesy, but so, so true. To be a part of Darco’s spiritual growth in turn assisted my growth exponentially. It brought back this love of life and faith for me; it reminded me of my roots, my passion, and where my dedication needs to be. It also brought about a new concept of responsibility. As the husband you’ve got responsibility [duh], but it’s nice to have had the spiritual responsibility of guiding her since she became a Christian. It definitely created a protective sense of nature; believe me when I say that if you ever cross her I will be your worse nightmare. She’s worth protecting with everything I have.
  3. Relax: Anyone who has met me in real life knows that I do not relax; it just doesn’t happen. It’s a mixture of work and projects. This has been an area that I’ve had to work on, and I’ve had to adjust for Darco. That’s part of what ‘Date Night‘ is about, and it’s knowing when to work, and when to just lay down and cuddle up with a movie. A relationship and its communication is far more important then that deadline that you created for your own business.
  4. Share: We’re both only children [please, crack jokes now], and there have been instances where sharing wasn’t going to happen. However, it’s more then just toys and food, it’s sharing what’s on your mind. Darco knows I hate hearing, “Nothing.” when I ask if something is bothering her. On the flip side she expects me to be honest when something is on my mind. We have to be able to share openly our ideas, thoughts, fears, and concerns.

These are just a few things picked up in the past two years, or so. Honestly, I’m just excited for this evening. I’m pumped about getting married, and most importantly marrying my best friend. Hopefully next post on FilingThePapers will be from a very happy couple.


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