XO: Euphoric

It feels like a dream.

Incredibly, only four days into a marriage and it still hasn’t quite set in. This is real. I have a wife. This is life. It’s surreal sensation that actually is quite difficult to construct into words, but it most definitely is epic.

Darco is actually currently asleep; our schedules are conflicting messes when she starts back to work. She’ll start her shift at 4:30 AM tomorrow, which means we’ve got an alarm going off at 4:00 AM and I am not a heavy sleeper. So, I’ll be back up briefly at 4:00 AM, but that’s alright, it’s worth it.

In the past couple days we’ve already been approached by some fascinating, challenging hurdles and blessings. The biggest blessing, aside from being married, has been having food in the house. We were so, so bad at eating out; I mean I’m sure it was a sin somehow [I know it was financially], so we went out and dropped $100 on groceries, and it’s awesome. We’re getting breakfast in, there’s plenty of healthy snacks, and we’re eating meals together. So far we’ve had pizza and tacos, both enjoyable because they were made at home. Also, we’ve kicked our smoothie habits into high gear. Did you know the spinach goes great in any smoothie? Yesterday we messed around with a smoothie that involved: 1 apple, 1 orange, 5 strawberries, yogurt, spinach, and 1 banana. Yes, it was green and it was very, very filling. Easily a meal in itself. Today we were a little more creative and relaxed; milk, peanut butter, banana, chocolate syrup [very small amount], and spinach. You read that right; more spinach. See, the cool thing about spinach is that you can blend it up and it has zero taste. It’s great, and it’s very healthy. We are going to start to ween ourselves off of dairy, shout out to Complete Strength for helping with that, and bring in more along the lines of soy and almond milk. As Darco and I were discussing tonight; it’s amazing how having food in the house assists in keeping us from eating food outside of the house. It really does feel like eating like a family.

We also picked up some new furniture…ish…today. We received a love seat and a couch from Darco’s family. We have places to sit in the apartment now, so that’s a plus. How we received the couch is a bit more of a saddening issue. Darco’s mom was scammed on the internet and is now having to be removed from her rental house. It’s a difficult moment, and very, very stressful on Darco. It’s taken a ton of patience from me, and a lot of grace from Darco. Thankfully, she had moved all of her possessions a few weeks ago into our apartment, so there wasn’t much to go back to. She’ll be turning in the keys this Friday, and her mom will be moving in with a family friend. Unfortunately this is the third time that she’s been evicted from a living arrangement, but this time my wife’s name was still on the lease. With my credit score absolutely trashed from stuff in the past couple years her credit is very important. Well, we were afraid of what a failure to pay would do to her credit. Praise God that the landlord was very understanding, is letting her out of the lease without making any moves to report credit issues. The fighting between her and her mother though is very painful to watch, and I fear those scars will take time to heal. Regardless, moving her out of the house is how we got a hold of the furniture. Now, if only our television was able to play something [we have no cable, and my laptop can’t operate at capacity for the unit].

Lounging for the win...

Lounging for the win…

I’d say that things ‘get back to normal’ tomorrow, but this is the new normal, and nothing like the past. It’s unreal that I’m not having to ask Darco to go home at night now…she is home, she’s safe, she’s beautiful, she’s mine. Yes, it’s bit nauseating on the romance side, but guess what?

I’m. Finally. Happy.

We have an art show to go to this Saturday, and then Sunday we’re checking out some food trucks for a apartment fire relief dinner; while also taking some time to meet our new friends with their microbrewery in Liberty, Missouri. Prior to that? Work, work, work. I’ve now been registered for substitute teaching in another school district, #TakeTheCity is going strong, and the Kansas City Shock never sleeps.

The truth is:

I love this life.


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